Some describe Instore Sound as like having your very own radio station. That’s because all the music and announcements are controlled by the store owner.

The owner has total power over all the material customers hear in the store. Not just the content of the announcements, sweepers and commercials but also the tracks selected on the music playlists.

With Instore Music there’s no chance of hearing a competitor's advertising or risk offending a customer with bad language of risqué song lyrics.

Shop owners get to work with experts from Instore Sound to select music playlists chosen from music genres that will appeal to the store's customer profile.

The owner also gets to dictate what content the announcements and advertising commercials will feature. They can be used to promote particular products, sales events and seasonal specials.

Instore Sound is the next best thing to owing a radio station. And for a chain of shops it can become a virtual network.