Imagine this scenario. The phone rings, but you are busy with a customer. Perhaps you're on another line or working at the counter. If you let the phone "ring out" you'll risk losing a potential customer for ever.

So you answer the phone and immediately put the caller on hold. What happens next is critical. If the caller only hears deathly silence they may hang-up!

If your phone plays On Hold Music, not those ghastly electronic chimes but real music tracks, you may hold the callers attention for a short while.

However with a program of On Hold Messages expertly written and read by a professional voice talent you will definitely reduce caller hang ups.

The program could feature selected music tracks to entertain callers and announcements to inform them about your products and services or special offers.

If the caller is directed to a department Queue Messages can be incorporated to relay specific information about that area of your business.

A professional program of on hold messages with On Hold Music and Announcements working together helps make the most of your telephone.

At busy times Messages On Hold give you the best chance of keeping callers on the line and happy to "hold".