Radio has been described as "theatre of the mind". It's a medium where for very few dollars you can introduce a new product or re-brand an existing one using radio commercials that seem larger than life. You can transport a listener to the far corners of the globe and with the right sound effects take them on a “genuine” magic carpet.

Harnessing this imaginative power is how radio stations establish a niche in their fiercely competitive markets. The radio imaging they strive to create doesn't just rely on a genre of music or an emphasis on news. And while promotions are an essential element, on their own they cannot build the desired image.

Image building requires an intense and ongoing combination of communication devices such as Station Id's, Liners and Sweepers working with the Promos.

You've heard them all at some stage, The Hot, The Easy Listening, The News as it Happens, The Non-Stop-Rock and so on.

You may not be conscious of their cumulative impact, but eventually you'll succumb to the power of the promos, sweepers and liners.

You'll become a believer and just as a consumer responds to a radio commercial you'll unknowingly begin to buy "the station image".